Ridge Riot Skate Contest


It’s our fifth year of the Ridge Riot – all ages and skills skateboarding contests. This contest is now part of the Rockin’ the Ridge Summer Festival.


City of Dry Ridge – Piddle Park – Skatepark (12 South Main Street, Dry Ridge, Ky 41035)

Register Now

Skip the check-in line and register now online. You can go straight to skating and skip check-in when registering online.

2017 Ridge Riot Skate Contest

2017 Ridge Riot Skate Contest

Waiver Required

Sign your waiver ahead of time here, or get your parent or legal guardian to if you’re under 18.


Times are approximate, but we try to be as on schedule as possible at each stop. The number of participants can affect these start times, so arrive early for your division.

  • 8am: Streets close for Festival
  • 10am: Car Show Starts
  • 12pm: Music Festival Starts
  • 12pm: Registration for Ridge Riot Skate Comp OPEN
  • 2pm: Skate Comp Starts
  • 2pm: Best Trick Contest
  • Following Best Trick: Game of Skate
  • Following Game of Skate: Beginner Division Runs
  • Following Beginner Div: Intermediate Division Runs
  • Following Intermediate Div: Advanced Division Runs
  • Awards 

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