Frequently Asked Questions

Rockin’ the Ridge FAQ


The event takes place in downtown Dry Ridge with three banks providing ATM’s.  We encourage individual vendors to accept credit cards, but we can’t guarantee it.


Working within the parameters of Piddle Park, we make every effort to make the area accessible. We invite guests with special needs to contact us in advance for questions or accessibility needs.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

Click here to review items allowed and prohibited.

Boats / Fishing

Polly Wog Lake will be closed and fishing will be prohibited from 8am June24th thru 8am June 25th.  No admittance will be allowed within 300′ of the lake during the fireworks show.


See Lodging for advice on camping in the area.


See About Us for future Music Festival dates.


Festival gates open at 11am on Saturday. Entrances will be located by the skatepark and additional gates by the tennis courts.  No other gates will be open for general admittance.  VIP ticket holders can enter any gate.


See our Lodging page for links to hotel listings.

Info Center

Near the entrance gates, at the city building and checkpoints around the venue, volunteers will be ready to answer your questions about the festival or surrounding area. We want you to enjoy your time at the park and in Dry Ridge!


Currently we do not have lockers available.


Parking will be located in several lots.  For a complete list, maps and shuttle times see our Parking page.


Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

The Rockin’ the Ridge festival is always a family friendly event. We are making it easier and more comfortable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers to enjoy their time at the festival.  A nursing tent will be available outside the main entrance gates.  Here, mothers or soon to be mothers, can retreat for a comfortable, private moment; either with their child, or just for a chance to rest and revive.


The event is free…. so come as go as you please….


Safety is our number one priority. We have public safety and medical teams on hand. We will allow only a certain amount of tomfoolery. If there’s a chance someone may get an eye poked out, we’ll put an end to it…and we may even call your mom.

Service Animals

Individuals with disabilities shall be permitted to be accompanied by their service animals in all accessible areas of Piddle Park. The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the individual’s disability.

Tree Climbing is Prohibited 

Tree climbing will not be permitted. This is not good for the health of the trees and violators will be arrested.  If you have that much energy find the mayor, he can find something for you to do.

Tickets FAQs

Tickets….. We don’t need no stinking tickets!  Provided free by your sponsors and vendors and of course the City of Dry Ridge!

VIP – (Best Seat in the House Winners) Get entry into the Royal treatment area.  Tune into WNKR 106.7 for more details.

Kids’ Tickets

None required.  Just remember where you left your child….

Name on Ticket

If your name is on our VIP tickets- you’re our special guests and we just want to address you properly.   The City of Dry Ridge reserves the right to ask for identification in relation to tickets, but this should only be necessary if there is a discrepancy with the tickets and we need to clear up any suspected fraudulent activity.

Ticket Fees

Nope, None. Nada.

Refunds or Exchanges

Refunds or exchanges are not allowed after a ticket is purchased.


Tickets Are Transferable, Wristbands Are Not

Once you enter the event, your ticket will be taken and a wristband will be placed on your wrist if you have VIP access. Although tickets are transferable, wristbands are not.


Ticket Donation Requests

Contact us for donations.


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